Everything you need to maintain a quality establishment

Our hotel services and supplies cover every aspect of the hotel business.  The products we source are from the best suppliers and provide a wide ranging choice.  The people we supply are well trained and are of the highest calibre.  Our services and supplies save you time on ‘shopping around’.  The best is at your fingertips.

Keep your Hotel Fully Staffed

Our services ensure we can supply the full range of hotel staff.  Fully staffed hotels run smoothly and provide a welcoming and efficient service for guests.  This professional positive service is more likely to result in repeat business.

Furniture and Fabric Supply

Our vast supply chain can supply furniture and fabrics in any style and colour.  From classic to contemporary, to complex or one colour designs, we have the furniture and fabric covering for you.  You can create the right image and feel of your hotel from choosing from our diverse and comprehensive range.

All our fabrics are fire retardant.

Floor Coverings

Floor covering is integral to the feel of your hotel.  Vinyl floor coverings are hard wearing and are good for floors which are going to see plenty of traffic, while carpeted floors convey the home.  We supply everything from floor tiles to Axminster carpets.  Everything we supply is hardwearing and our comprehensive choice ensures it compliments your hotel.


Our refurbishments come together quickly ensuring your hotel does not lose a room or a floor for too long.  We provide a comprehensive refurbishment fitting service from design to installation using only the best talent to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Make your Hotel Run Smoothly

Make your hotel run smoothly with our services and supplies.  Your hotel will run smoother enticing your guests to come back again and again.

Improve Productivity and Professionalism Today
Contact us today and keep your business agile and dynamic. We can help you grow your business by taking care of your facility management needs.