Ensure compliance and that your assets perform at optimal level

Using state of the art barcode technology cataloguing your assets can be done quickly and efficiently.  Once complete we have a good starting point to introduce PPM schedules, or decommission the asset should it be obsolete.  Using a barcode system we can also highlight and record its location.

The First Step to Compliance

Registering an asset is the first step to establishing a PPM schedule ensuring you comply with your quality management systems.  We can have the asset registry up and running in seconds.  Our software allows for detailed maintenance records to be kept and easily retrieved for internal and external audits.

Optimal Level Maintenance

Once you have a PPM schedule in place you now have a basis to maintain equipment ensuring its performance and safety.  This is the most profitable way of ensuring equipment works at optimal capacity and you can measure its performance by recording what parts have been replaced and the related costs.


Registering your asset allows you to track your asset location.  Should the asset be moved from site to site, this will be recorded at subsequent audits.

Ensure Compliance and Asset Performance

Ensure your assets are performing and are compliant by using our services.  We can be up and running quickly and you will have the peace of mind your PPM schedules are being adhered to.

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