Mission Statement

Burj Nahaar is committed to giving the best in class service to its clients that meet or exceed client expectations. To do this, Burj Nahaar has and continues to implement the following:

  • Delivers best in class facilities management services to all of its clients in accordance with service level agreements
  • Delivers services with responsibility and transparency
  • Ongoing investment to train its people, empowering and enabling them to stay up to date with industry developments, best practices, and the latest technologies
  • Recruiting the best talent from around the world
  • Continuously maintains full legal compliance knowledge in relation to its business practices and services
  • Provides regular audits of services with full transparency with the client
  • Burj Nahaar is committed to sustainability and applies its CSR policy to every aspect of its business practices
  • Continuously meets targets in accordance with key performance indicators
  • Committed to benefiting the local community through recruitment, outsourcing, and through good business practices
  • Continuously cultivate meaningful relationships with key individuals and organisations to deliver better services to its clients
  • Sources sustainable products and materials where possible in accordance with corporate social responsibility polices of Burj Nahaar and the wider group

Burj Nahaar continues to inspire confidence from shareholders and stakeholders.