An Etisalat Facilities Management Business Partner

Our Company

Founded with the simple purpose of providing the best and most efficient facilities management service to Emirate business and beyond, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in the region.  Working with our strategic business partner, eFM, we have built a strong client portfolio through providing best in class facility management services in every respect.

Our approach adds value to your business by ensuring the tasks that run in the background get done.  These important yet often unnoticed tasks are vital to running an organisation.  They are the oil that keeps the engine running.  Our services will ensure you will have the time to run your organisation.

Taking a bespoke approach to your business we ensure that service delivery is agreed and adhered to, and we are flexible to change as your organisation evolves.  Our strategy involves looking at ways to improve and deliver all the time.  As we make progress in this regard, your organisation benefits.  We are not here to cut costs through cutting corners; we are here to deliver the best.

Our People

To deliver services we invest heavily in our people, empowering them to work without supervision.  We ensure our people are qualified for their respective roles and have the right work ethic.  The skill and know-how of our people underpins our success.

All of our management teams are trained in the following areas:

  • Business acumen
  • Customer Care
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership and managerial skills and accreditations
  • Employment law in relation to supervisory tasks
  • Software training on relevant systems
  • Professional association memberships
  • Health and safety compliance and practice

This training is ongoing and our people are fully aware of their responsibilities. We have fast and efficient communication methods, and we have experienced people ready to deliver.

Your Success our Services

When you choose us to run your facilities management services, you are choosing the best in class. This ensures that all of your facilities management tasks are done day in day out, operate 24/7, and completed to the highest standard possible.

Work with us today for a better tomorrow.